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Shoreline Socials

During the summer of 2022, FNLC hosted a series of Shoreline Socials in lakeside communities around our region to teach residents about the lake-friendly practices they can implement to reduce erosion and stormwater runoff on their properties.


We hosted four events in Georgia, St. Albans, North Hero, and Swanton. At each event, Kerrie Garvey from Watershed Consulting Associates gave a presentation on the shoreline protections methods outlined in the VT Bioengineering Manual.

We also invited other watershed groups and conservation organizations to speak about additional steps that community members can take to improve water quality in Lake Champlain.


For more information on lake-friendly shoreline practices, download the VT Bioengineering Manual here. Lakefront property owners can also get a free, non-regulatory assessment of their property through the DEC’s Lake Wise program. This program offers technical assistance to shoreland property owners who want to learn more about making their property as lake friendly as possible. Take advantage of free technical assistance through the Lake Wise Program and have your shoreland property assessed for controlling runoff and preventing erosion.

This project has been funded in part by the United State Environmental Protection Agency under assistance agreement (LC 00A00707-0) to NEIWPCC in partnership with the Lake Champlain Basin Program (LCBP).

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