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Swanton Beach Stormwater Design and Implementation

In 2021, FNLC received a grant from the Lake Champlain Basin Program to conduct a shoreline assessment in the towns of Swanton and Highgate, which resulted in preliminary designs for stormwater management projects


Site map for the Rock River sampling location.

 One of the proposed projects was two stormwater treatment practices at the Swanton Beach. The concept includes an under-drained bioretention system to the south of the beach parking area and a roadside sand filter near the Maquam Shore Road/Lasnier Road intersection to treat runoff prior to its discharge via a stream that flows along the northern edge of the Swanton Beach property. FNLC has received a subsequent grant from LCBP to fund a final design for the two stormwater treatment practices and then implement the practices at the Swanton Beach. The practices will collect and slowdown stormwater from the nearby road, parking area, and other impervious areas, filter and treat the water, and then discharge the water to the nearby stream before it enters Lake Champlain. These practices will reduce nutrient loading to Lake Champlain. Once the final designs are completed and the practices have been constructed and implemented, be on the lookout for an informational sign that will be installed with the practices to describe their purposes and how they benefit the surrounding infrastructure and the water quality of the lake.


Image caption: Images courtesy of Watershed Consulting

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