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Rock River Water Monitoring

Through funding provided by Watersheds United Vermont, FNLC has received final engineering designs for a bioretention system at the Georgia Town Beach. FNLC partnered with Watershed Consulting Associates, LLC to further develop the preliminary designs that were created through the Lake Champlain Basin Program-funded Georgia Shoreline Assessment in 2020.

Georgia Town Beach.jpg

Image caption: Images courtesy of Watershed Consulting

The project site is important due to its education and outreach potential, significant amount of impervious cover, and location adjacent to Lake Champlain. The practice design is intended to be aesthetically pleasing and to serve as an example for other landowners to see the type of practices that are possible for their properties and show the Town’s focus on shoreline stormwater impacts. 

The final design also includes educational signage to provide information about the practice’s functionality, design, and the benefits that will be vital for this area to get landowners ‘on-board’ with stormwater practices that will mitigate stormwater issues on their property as well as reducing the overall runoff and erosion issues along the Georgia Shoreline. Since surrounding area is dominated by individual residential development, consistent adoption of stormwater best practices by these residential sites will be critical in improving water quality. 

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