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Lake Lessons

In partnership with the Saint Albans Museum and other partners throughout the state, Friends of Northern Lake Champlain engaged in Lake Lessons, a place-based educational workshop with local fourth graders.


Across three mornings at the St Albans Bay Town Park and one at the Georgia Beach,
fourth grade classes from St. Albans Town Educational Center, St. Albans City School, Swanton Elementary School, and Georgia Elementary School joined us to learn about local maritime history, watershed ecology, and gain an understanding of the impact of pollution on Lake Champlain.


FNLC led the Creative Expressions station, where following a discussion about the meaning of a watershed and how actions throughout the Lake Champlain watershed directly impact the lake, students were given the opportunity to draw a picture or write a poem or short story about their thoughts and experiences with Lake Champlain.


Many students used the opportunity of being at the beach to inspire their creative pieces. Some students drew about picking up litter on the beaches, while others wrote about the best bass they ever caught. The pieces will be. available for show at the Saint Albans Museum in the. Agricultural Exhibit, so make sure to check out the museum for free before they close for the season on October 15th .


Since Lake Lessons were suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 and 2021, we
were so thankful to get to the lake and share knowledge, time, and laughs with the fourth graders.

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