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FNLC Finished Design for Polly Hubbard Road Project

Picture of long barn next to a green field along a small, muddy stream.
Landowner farm along the Mill River on Polly Hubbard Road.

The Friends of Northern Lake Champlain (FNLC) has completed a design for floodplain and stream restoration on the Mill River in Georgia along Polly Hubbard Road.

In 2023, FNLC received funding from the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation’s Clean Water Initiative Program through a grant administered by Vermont’s Natural Resources Conservation Council to explore the challenges inherent to this site.

The site was identified in the Town of Georgia’s Stormwater Management Plan in 2013 as being in need of streambank stabilization in order to improve both floodplain resiliency and water quality.

FNLC has been working closely with the landowner and has contracted with Fitzgerald Environmental Associates to come up with a design plan for stream restoration at the site. The plan includes strategies for enhancing the stream buffer with the addition of trees and shrubs to decrease erosion and increase stream bank resiliency, as well as improve habitat for wildlife. The next steps will be for FNLC to secure funding for implementation of the design which we hope to get underway in 2025. Learn more about FNLC's recent projects by clicking here to see an interactive StoryMap of site in our watershed.

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