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FOVLAP Annual Meeting and Emerging Threats of Cyanobacteria Sept. 7, 2023

Morning session will feature status reports from FOVLAP and Vermont DEC Lakes and Ponds, a FOVLAP business meeting followed by a summary of a pre-meeting survey and individual reports from Lake Association Representatives.

Afternoon Session – The Emerging Threats of Cyanobacteria – Experts will describe the biology of cyanobacteria blooms, how such blooms are monitored and what interventions are available to reduce their risks, and the impacts of climate change.

Representatives from Lake Associations on two inland Vermont Lakes experiencing these blooms will provide their perspectives.

Topics & speakers include:

  • Lakes and Ponds update – Oliver Pierson – Program Manager, Vermont DEC Lakes and Ponds Program

  • Overview of HABs in Vermont Lakes – Peter Isles – Aquatic Biologist, Vermont DEC Lakes and Ponds Program

  • Management Interventions – Mark Mitchell – Limnologist, Vermont DEC Lakes and Ponds Program

  • Lake Association Perspective – Lake Morey – Bruce Durgin – Lake Morey, FOVLAP Auxiliary Board

  • Lake Association Perspective – Lake Carmi – Peter Benevento – Lake Carmi

  • Impacts of Climate Change on Cyanobacteria Blooms – Matthew Vaughan – Staff Scientist, Lake Champlain Basin Program

  • Lake Data Tools – Leslie Matthews – Environmental Scientist, Vermont DEC Lakes and Ponds Program

This seminar will be held online, hosted via Zoom.

> Registration is required. You can RSVP here.

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