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Tyler Branch Buffer Planting


In 2017, FNLC received a grant to restore the Tyler Branch Watershed, which drains into the Missisquoi River. FNLC collaborated with AgriLab Tech and the Missisquoi River Basin Association to plant riparian buffers along the Tyler Branch. 


A riparian buffer is a vegetated area near a stream that helps to protect the stream from the adjacent land uses. This vegetative area acts as a buffer to pollutants entering the stream via runoff and it controls erosion. With the help of student volunteers from Bakersfield, Enosburg, and Fairfield, three total acres of riparian buffer were created, with an average of 300 trees per acre planted.

Tyler Branch Buffers5.jpg

Photo 1. Volunteering planting trees along the Tyler Branch

Photo 2. Shovels used to plant trees along the Tyler Branch.

Photo 3. Trees ready to be planted along the Tyler Branch buffer

Tyler Branch Buffers.jfif
Tyler Branch Buffers3.JPG
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