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ANR Three-acre Stormwater Program

The Agency of Natural Resources (ANR) sent out an email announcing an upcoming funding program for assisting landowners with meeting Three-acre Stormwater Permit requirements.

ANR is currently working to draft the program language and application process necessary to deploy the ARPA funding to advance this initiative. They expect to have it complete and start accepting applications in early spring 2022 and making grant awards notifications by early summer 2022.

Also, if you were not able to attend the “Helping Property Owners Comply with Three-acre Stormwater Requirements” webinar, it was recorded.

Here is the Link to the recording and the presentation slides. An FAQ document for 3-Acre ARPA funding additional information can be found on theirARPA webpage.

In February 2022, ANR will be reaching out to the engineering services community to get their input on funding approaches. In March 2022, ANR will initiate solicitation of the first engineering services contracts. Once those are established, property owners will be able to apply to access services from those contracts.

If you have a question or want to share feedback, please get in touch with

Meagan at or (802) 249-2413 or

Lyn Munno at or (802) 490-6169.

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