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Ferment on the Farm - upcoming workshop for farmers!

On March 23rd from 11 am - 3 pm at Choiniere Family Farm, Franklin County Natural Resources Conservation District, Composting Association of Vermont, and Land Care Cooperative are hosting Ferment on the Farm: Brewing microorganisms for no-turn compost & reduced inputs on the farm.

To register, email or call 802-528-4176.

Registration limited to the first 25 participants, farmers will be prioritized.

COVID protocols will be followed, details provided upon registration.

The event will be hosted at Choiniere Family Farm at 2465 Gore Road, Highgate Center, Vermont Join us to learn to easily grow farm-scale brews of wild lactobacillus bacteria for no-turn composting, inoculants to improve seeding success, and to make cheap and effective biofertilizers and biostimulants.

We'll put into practice on-farm fermentation methods designed to reduce labor, costs, and external inputs on the farm while improving microbial activity and diversity, water quality, soil health, and yield.

The workshop will include hands-on brewing of compost inoculant and biofertilizer, and a demonstration of seed inoculant preparation with farmers who have previously worked with these processes. Australian consultant Gerry Gillespie will present and answer questions remotely. We'll use a digital microscope to view microbial activity at all stages of brewing. BYOB!!! (Bring Your Own 5 gallon Bucket) and you'll go home ready to start the brewing process immediately on your farm.

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