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Franklin County Compost

OPEN HOUSE AND TOUR Friday, May 20 - 10am to 12

FNLC staff will be in attendance and invite any other interested board members, or friends to accompany us.

Magnan Brothers Dairy LLC/Magnan Bros. Fertilizer and Agrilab Technologies Inc. are making several farm-made compost and blended products called

Franklin County Compost

The new composting site is at the Magnan Brothers Dairy’s Burnor Farm location –

4883 Route 36, Fairfield, VT 05455

(across from Fairfield Town Garage and Fire Department)

Topics to be covered: The Vermont Phosphorus Innovation Challenge (VPIC) – updates on technologies and new business enterprises from two teams, Agrilab Technologies inc. and Digested Organics LLC, developing means to reduce phosphorus (P) runoff into Lake Champlain and other waterways through specialized composts, mulch and concentrate blends, and advanced filtration.

Tour of on-farm compost aeration and heat recovery (CAHR) system and equipment, the AGT Compost Hot Box 250-8RD and demonstration gardens.

11am press conference with Anson Tebbetts, Secretary, VT Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets; Julie Moore, Secretary, VT Agency of Natural Resources, Lindsay Kurrle, Secretary VT Agency of Commerce and Community Development; Marty Magnan, Mark Magnan, Magnan Brothers Dairy, Brian Jerose, Agrilab Technologies, Inc.; Eric Stoermer, President, Digested Organics, LLC

Display and discussion of current products and other blends to be available 2022 and others in development. Information about compost benefits for building soil organic matter, improving physical soil properties and providing fertility, the importance of reducing phosphorus and sediment runoff, and other practices to restoring water quality in local streams, rivers and Lake Champlain.

Please RSVP to or call (802) 370-4774

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