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Lake Champlain Sea Grant Announces New Research Projects

Watershed Consulting Associates, is registering FNLC’s Georgia Shoreline Assessment Report in the 2022 Lake Champlain Research Conference
That is scheduled in May.

By Lake Champlain Sea Grant Staff February 07, 2022

Lake Champlain Sea Grant announces its selection of funded research projects for the 2022-2024 award cycle, which began February 1. Five exciting projects will examine issues related to turtle conservation; lake trout stocking strategies; contaminant risk among angling groups; environmental literacy among teachers and Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) students; and floodplain restoration.

Learn more about these projects:

  • A Conservation Prioritization Framework for Protecting and Restoring Lake Champlain's Shoreline Turtle Community. Principal Investigator: Brittany Mosher

  • Assessing the Effectiveness of Lake Trout Stocking Strategies in Lake Champlain Using Next-Generation Genetic Tools. Principal Investigator: Ellen Marsden

  • Evaluating Drivers of Contaminant Exposure Risk Among Angling Groups in the Lake Champlain Basin. Principal Investigator: Ariana Chiapella

  • Investigating Interventions to Increase Environmental Literacy Among K-12 Teachers and BIPOC Students. Principal Investigator: Kimberly Coleman

  • Scientific and Procedural Development of Evidence-Based Floodplain Crediting Protocol to Meet Water Quality Goals in the Lake Champlain Basin. Principal Investigator: Rebecca Diehl

Lake Champlain Sea Grant’s Program Advisory Committee helped to inform research topics which are aligned with our values of partnerships and diversity. The review process included assessments by technical experts and discussion of local relevancy by a panel of local practitioners.

Lake Champlain basin residents can look forward to science that informs land and water management practices and policy decisions in favor of ecosystem health and sustainable economies in our basin. We are planning public presentations on each research project beginning in fall 2022.

Please contact Julianna White ( with questions about the Lake Champlain Sea Grant research program.

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