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Swanton & Highgate Shoreline Assessment

Impacts from stormwater and shoreline erosion are major contributors to water quality pollution in lakefront communities across the Lake Champlain shoreline of Vermont. On the northern Lake Champlain shoreline, accelerated erosion resulting from inadequately maintained or poorly designed drainage infrastructure, coupled with lakefront encroachment and conflicts with stormwater management systems, are significant sources of nutrient pollution. 

Map - Water Quality Risk Zones Swanton and Highgate Shoreline.jpg

Site map of the proposed stormwater practices represented as stars. Image provided by Watershed Consulting Associates, LLC

FNLC will be partnering again with Watershed Consulting Associates to conduct shoreline assessments in the Towns of Swanton and Highgate, using the same methodology piloted in the Georgia Shoreline Assessment. The purpose of this project is to identify and prioritize problem areas associated with stormwater runoff and shoreline erosion in Swanton and Highgate, using a combination of desktop analysis and field investigation.


Once identified, the problem areas will be cataloged and prioritized with one conceptual design improvement project prepared for the most critical identified location for each town. The design for each town will be utilized to repair straightforward problem areas and/or prepare a final design solution.

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