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Polly Hubbard Road Site Assessment

Friends of Northern Lake Champlain 

Request for Proposals 

April 22, 2022

A. Introduction 

Polly Hubbard Road is an approximately 3-mile-long road in Georgia, VT. It intersects with Route 7 at its east terminus, and Georgia Shore Road at its west terminus. Cline Road and Georgia Middle Road also intersect Polly Hubbard Road. The Mill River crosses underneath Polly Hubbard Road twice before it flows north to St. Albans Bay. The area of concern, as identified in the Georgia Stormwater Management Plan (Problem Area MR 7-03), is approximately about 0.5 miles east of the intersection with Georgia Middle Road where the Mill River abuts the road. According to the Stormwater Management Plan, much of the original woody riparian vegetation has been removed as a result of agricultural activities, residential development, and road infrastructure – leading to significant erosion in and long the stream channel.

Polly Hubbard Rd Site Map.png

Site map of the area of erosion along Polly Hubbard Rd. (44.747061, -73.136508)


Photo 1. Bank erosion upstream from crossing     Photo 2. Roadway immediately adjacent to Mill River

At the site of concern, there is upstream bank cutting as the Mill River approaches a concrete box culvert (Photo 1). The area of bank erosion is approximately 3.5 feet high by 15 feet long. Downstream past the box culvert, the river flows along Polly Hubbard Road and has undercut the bank and compromised the road shoulder. A 5-foot-wide strip of bank remains between stream and road. The road shows signs of cracking, which may be attributable to bank sloughing (Photo 2).

B. Scope of Work and Timeline 

The purpose of this proposed project is to assess the site for potential best management practices (BMPs) that will reduce erosion of the Mill River along Polly Hubbard Road. FNLC will partner with an environmental engineering consultant to perform a comprehensive assessment of the site using a combination of desktop analysis and field observations. The combined assessment will be used to develop a list of potential BMPs that will address the streambank erosion. 


A final report will be generated summarizing the assessment and will include the nutrient loading reductions achieved by implementing any of the potential BMPs, as well as an estimated cost of implementation. FNLC will provide project management and outreach to municipal partners and private landowners, and present findings to the Town of Georgia Selectboard. All landowners adjacent to the site have already been contacted and have expressed written consent for the assessment. 

C. Project Timeline

D. Content of Proposals

Responses to this request for proposals (RFP) should consist of the following:

  • A statement identifying individuals who participated in the preparation of the proposal as well as a single point of contact.

  • A list of individuals that will be committed to this project and their professional qualifications. The names and qualifications of any sub-consultants shall be included in this list.

  • A scope of work and project budget. The budget should provide hourly rate information. The effort will be reimbursed on a time and materials basis.

E. Project Budget

Friends of Northern Lake Champlain received a grant from the Northwest Regional Planning Commission (NRPC) with a budget of $3,500 to complete this portion of the project to perform an assessment and develop a list of potential best management practices for the site.

F. Other Requirements

FNLC requires its contractors to maintain workers compensation and liability insurance. Contractors must submit proof of adequate insurance coverage on an annual basis for the duration of the project. The Contractor shall, at its sole expense, obtain and maintain in force, and shall require any subcontractor or assignee to obtain and maintain in force, both for the benefit of FNLC, the following kinds and amounts of insurance: 


  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance.  The policy shall cover the obligations of the Contractor in accordance with the Workers’ Compensations Law and Disability Benefits Law covering all operations under the Contract, whether performed by it, or by its subcontractor.

  • Liability and Property Damage Insurance.  Unless otherwise specified, each policy shall have limits not less than: $2,000,000 combined (Bodily Injury & Property Damage); $3,000,000 aggregate, single limit per occurrence.

F. Submissions

Consultants wishing to be considered for this project should submit a complete proposal including a detailed project budget via email only to:


Kent Henderson

Board Chair

Friends of Northern Lake Champlain  


Please use “Polly Hubbard Site Assessment” in subject line. We must receive all proposals no later than 5 PM on May 31st, 2022. Proposals and/or modifications received after this time will not be accepted or reviewed. 


FNLC has received funding from NRPC for two site assessments – Polly Hubbard Road and Falls Road Trail. Consultants may submit one proposal for both projects if they wish to respond to both RFPs.

H. Contract Time Period 

Contractors may begin work as soon as the selection process is complete. The project is expected to be completed by September 30, 2022.

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