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Deer Brook Gully Restoration, Georgia, Vermont

DEER BROOK is an 8.4 square mile watershed located in Georgia and Fairfax that flows south to Arrowhead Mountain Lake, part of the Lamoille River, drains to Lake Champlain. The brook is classified as sediment impaired from its confluence with Arrowhead Mountain Lake to 2.5 miles upstream.

The construction of I-89 and related U.S. Route 7 improvements in the 1970s and the subsequent addition of homes and businesses near the intersection with Route 104A have contributed to a substantial increase in stormwater runoff discharging to the head of the Deer Brook Gully.

These stormwater flows and deteriorating culverts along Route 7 and 104A in Georgia have caused the gully to erode and deposit sediment into Deer Brook. The problem was first documented by Erosion Prevention and Sediment Control (EPSC) and Stone in a 2007 report for the Northwest Regional Planning Commission (NRPC). Stone further evaluated the site and provided conceptual solutions to reduce flows to the Deer Brook Gully as part of a 2013 stormwater master planning project for the Friends of Northern Lake Champlain (FNLC) in Georgia, Vermont.

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